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Lady Insanity attempts to calm fears and brings up several good points.

April 30th, 2016 - Mass Effect: The Series
Hello, this is a proyect i was trying to do since a couple years ago. It's an attempt to make a series for Mass Effect using a tv series style. I'm from Chile and arround here the game isn't that popular as in other places so my aim is make a good quality series of video with subtitles in spanish and trying to capture the heart of the saga with a good editing in every episode. I based the series on an existing video series made a couple years ago, but that had the UI of the game and it only was on 720p, so i tried to improve on that.

Despite it has text in spanish, it has the original voices so i thought you might like it as well. Hope you like it :)

This is the recent episode from the second season (ME2):

If you like to watch it from the start, here's the link to the playlist of the first season:


April 19th, 2016 - Ask Bioware #3
Geth Infiltrator

The latest video in the ask Bioware series.
April 8th, 2016 - This Week on MSPixel!

Mass Effect Andromeda rumors CONFIRMED.
April 7th, 2016 - Mugshots
The Bioware Blog recently made a post about the caffine containers various Bioware Staffers use. There's more of it behind the link, I just wanted to draw attention to this part.

This mug belongs to Sylvia Feketekuty and is a survivor of a set of mugs Karin Weekes made for the ME3 writing pit just before Mass Effect 3 went gold. The game includes a “cave drawing” of a krogan riding a dinosaur, and these mugs celebrate the team moment that lead to it: John Dombrow had several awesome dinosaurs on his desk, and Karin had a Grunt action figure on hers. During various spirited writer room discussions, Grunt MAY have ridden a few dinosaurs. This was around the time Preston Watamaniuk, our Lead Designer, wanted the writing team to do some ambient planet-scan-and-collect missions related to general war assets, and he’d written out an asset list for us.

Patrick: HE thought he was putting in general examples, but >I< thought he wanted exactly what he had written in there. Like “Fossilized Kakliosaur,” which I looked at and went, “How the heck am I supposed to make that help the war effort?”

Sylvia: At which point a “Jurassic Park dinosaur-in-amber” discussion started. We were all maybe a little punchy, which explains why it seemed like such a great idea.

Karin: So Patrick wrote it up and sent them back for review. When Preston subsequently came into the room to say, “Wait, WHAT is going ON in here? You actually made kakliosaurs?”, we launched into a simultaneous, impassioned defense of the idea. Preston remained dubious until John put Grunt on the T-Rex to illustrate the awesomeness of KROGAN RIDING DINOSAURS, and that stunning visual won him over.

John: About that time, I needed a cave painting in the Genophage mission to show off ancient krogan cave art. Thanks to our awesome artists, that painting eventually came to fruition; we put it into the caves where Shepard and squadmates get lost for a bit.

Anything is possible when you work as a team.
Shepard Firefly

mass effect - aria
So this popped up Friday night apparently. A game dev posted footage from Andromeda development on his website, purportedly from 2014, so who knows if it's actually in the game or not.

[Spoilers below, read at your own risk]
Link to the thread & video at NeoGAF

Some of it is just special effects, BUT! You can see a jetpack! Whooo! And some sort of Krogan hostage situation? With spores...? The Krogan looks awesome, very similar to what we have in ME2/ME3.

I'm not super happy about the HUD styling, but it may have changed already.

Thoughts anyone?
April 1st, 2016 - This Week on MSPixel!

Why, whatever could we be up to on this lovely April 1st?
Geth Infiltrator

"Each year, countless BioWare players experience all the feels. These are their stories."
March 25th, 2016 - This Week on MSPixel!

Shep, gurl, you better get your man in line.

This is one of the few images in this update that isn't testicle related.
March 11th, 2016 - This Week on MSPixel!

I dunno, Shepard, as the hero of a trilogy, I don't think your odds are THAT bad.
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