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January 29th, 2016(no subject)

Javik and Hackett are best friends.
Geth Infiltrator
BioFan Interviews Alix Wilton Regan, voice of Samantha Traynor and the English voice of the Female Inquisitor

Part 1

Part 2
January 13th, 2016 - Ask BioWare #1
Geth Infiltrator

Back in December, we put out a call to the community for questions with #AskBioWare. Many of you came up with questions – some funny, some serious, and others positively perplexing. Some of our developers sat down to answer their favorites.

We’ll be doing more of this in the future, so take to twitter with #AskBioWare or leave a comment here [on the youtube page]. Who knows, your question might end up in our next video!

Want to increase the chances of your question being answered? Read here: http://blog.bioware.com/2015/12/09/ask-bioware/
January 1st, 2016 - This Week on MSPixel!
Merry New Year to you and yours!

Let's try to piece some things together with Anderson.
December 25th, 2015 - This Week on MSPixel!

Vendetta drops some knowledge on us before an old friend visits.

You there, boy, what day is it?
Title: Synthesis
Author: Inkwasher (formerly iriscloud, InkstainedWretch on AO3)
Rating: Explicit
Pairings: Femshep/Liara, Joker/EDI, Garrus/Tali
Characters: Everyone
Word Count: Just under 70k
Summary: “What do you think would have happened, if we’d managed to cure the organic plague?” Shepard asked. “Do you think they would have just dismantled us, or would we have had a second Morning War? What do you think’s gonna happen once the Reapers are out of the picture?"
Spoilers: Covers the entirety of ME3, plus Omega and Citadel DLC
Author's Note: This series was originally started in response to a prompt on the kink meme that asked for an AU where humanity was entirely synthetic by the time it reached the mass relays. This is the third and final part of the series.

You should probably read Humanoids and Raw Materials before you read this one, or it's not gonna make a whole lot of sense.

On AO3
Entire Series
December 11th, 2015 - This Week on MSPixel!

Even though you yak at us for another half hour! Also, maybe let me know when you START helping.
December 4th, 2015 - This Week on MSPixel!

I actually like the art in today's entry. That's fine, no one else does!
November 20th, 2015 - This Week on MSPixel!

Well gee, I guess we're watching more Space YouTube.
November 13th, 2015 - This Week on MSPixel!

I wish, Shepard! We'll just settle for something just as good.
November 7th, 2015 - Happy N7 day everyone!
Fangirl time
My celebratory play will have to wait until next week when backwards compatibility hits the Xbox. :D

Was anyone else hoping for an Andromeda tease of some kind today? I know I was.
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