Anastasia (arielstarshadow) wrote in masseffect,

Mass March Big Announcement Thread

I don't know if anyone else is out there right now on LJ, but I thought a speculation and "post while it's happening" thread might be fun!

I managed to miss the most recent Q&A with Casey (which just ended, it looks like), but David said something very intriguing which now has me extremely curious about the "Announcement."

Basically, he said that there were a lot of questions being asked on Twitter about a "certain topic" and he wasn't going to say what the topic was, but that some of those questions would be answered at the Announcement, and he also said there were going to be some special guests at the announcement as well.

Does this mean we're going to hear something FINALLY about the romance in ME3???


March URL:

Bioware Pulse TV:

Announcement was to let the fans choose the FemShep for the trailer.  "Like" the images on Facebook:
Tags: female shepard, mass effect 3
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