Meta-Many-Names (metaraymek) wrote in masseffect,

Shore Leave Friday - Banner Submissions Open! *Rev. 04/2011*

04/2011 rev.: You're more than welcome to submit a banner for SLF if you want.

Here are the guidelines for a SLF banner, if you're curious:

  • Banners must be about 350 (height) by 500 (width). They can be smaller than that, but no bigger.
  • In order to avoid any problems, please do not use fan art in a SLF banner. If it's your own fan art, though, that's fine.
  • Please keep any banners safe for work. This is largely a 'common sense' thing, but the short explanation is no overly offensive language, no pornography and no hateful commentary directed at any one group.
  • All banners must have 'Shore Leave Friday' somewhere on it.
  • Please send your banners to sinvraal through LJ PM. Pictures can be uploaded to TinyPic, Photobucket or LJ Scrapbook, too.

There is no deadline or limit on how many you can send in, so feel free to make multiples! And it doesn't matter if it's made in Photoshop or MS Paint either.
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