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Geth Infiltrator

"Want to see more of Andromeda, but not quite ready to take the journey?

You're in luck, because you can see Andromeda right here from the comfort of planet Earth. Using only a telescope and a pair of binoculars, we'll show you how to spot our nearest galactic neighbor on a clear night. No telescope? That's okay. Andromeda is large enough to see with the naked eye.

Thanks to the Edmonton chapter of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada for the telescope. http://edmontonrasc.com"
tin forest

Also, Inside Mass Effect Andromeda's New, "Sexy" Approach To Vehicle Design

November 11th, 2016 - Mass Effect Soundtrack on Vinyl
Gentleman Shepard

The Mass Effect Trilogy soundtrack is available on vinyl for the first time ever! Bringing together music from all three games, including bonus tracks from DLC, this limited edition pressing comes on four, heavyweight records.
November 7th, 2016 - Happy N7 day!!!
ME - N7
Let's collect all the N7 Day related posts and comments here on this thread!
November 7th, 2016 - Insanity Round: N7 Day Edition
Geth Infiltrator
Wasea Insanity Round Small
In case you're new to the comm, this is just a post of the week where you're given ten prompts and pick one to write a drabble on and post it in the comments. Or have an idea that isn't from a prompt? Post it anyway! (Artwork is welcome too!)

If you'd like to track the activity on today's post, just click on the "track this" link at the bottom.

So read the prompts, write a story, submit a prompt! But most of all, have fun!

GuidelinesCollapse )

  1. This one is not worthy

  2. Don’t make me turn this ship around!

  3. Only the living know victory

  4. In the interest of science…

  5. This is not a joke

  6. I’m a doctor, not a miracle worker

  7. There goes the galaxy

  8. We have dismissed that claim

  9. Terminal hacking

  10. Highly illogical

November 1st, 2016 - MEA teaser

Don't forget that N7 Day (November 7) is supposed to debut a trailer or something for the game.
October 11th, 2016 - MEA release date leaked?
[T]he [Dark Horse Comics' tie-in art book, The Art of Mass Effect: Andromeda] book carries a release date of March 21, 2017, and part of its description notes that it will release "simultaneously with the game."

- Source
October 11th, 2016 - Vid: Feet Don't Fail Me Now
once upon a time
Song: Feet Don't Fail Me Now - Foxes
Fandom: Mass Effect
Summary: Nothing's gonna bring me down. The women (and asari, and female-coded robots) of Mass Effect vs. the universe.

Streaming and download at: Dreamwidth | Livejournal | Tumblr
Mac Walters is talking MEA and the franchise and games at NYCC right now here.

I missed some of it because I was getting home, but so far some tidbits:

+ Pre MEA comics will feature characters that we will meet in game

+ Lines for companion characters will have about 20% more than in previous games (I might have misheard this...)
September 30th, 2016(no subject)

Shepard, launch the crucible before something terrible happens!
September 19th, 2016 - #amdrawing
morrigan . heart of pain
I think I got my drawing bug back. I wanted to share with you all a work in progress. It's by far my favorite character in the universe, Mordin Solus. I'll just leave this here for ya'll.

as a subset of biologyCollapse )

Tell me what you think.
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