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More Romance Options Confirmed


There is a Live Chat session with Casey Hudson himself going on, and some of my compatriots have hopped in with questions, many concerning FemShep and her LIs. And Casey has just answered. The full transcript will go up on Tuesday, but if you must know...

If he spills anything else juicy, I'll update.

EDIT: Some people asked him about a Tali option as well.

Guest-56: is Tali a romance option?

CaseyH-ME2: In ME1 Tali was kind of a young character, on her "pilgrimage", so she wasn't a love interest option. One cool thing ME1 players will notice is that the characters they know and love from the first game have grown up and moved on a bit. Tali is more mature now. We were surprised to see how many people were interested in her as a love interest, given that she wore a mask, was an alien, and as one of our team members said, she had "chicken feet". Will she take things further with you? There's a great story there, but I won't spoil it for you!

EDIT 02: Someone inquired as to F/F romances.

Guest-183: "Casey, can you give us FemShep players an exact number of how many female / female romance options are in ME2? And are there other options for us other than an Asari?

CaseyH-ME2: "There were no female / female romances in ME1. Same with ME2. Most people count Tali [I assume he meant Liara there] but her species is female-looking but asexual. Female Shepards (and male) will have 3 possible love interests (if I count correctly!)"

EDIT 03: In regards to the ME1 LIs:

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