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So while skimming through the ME2 string files with this I found a bunch of stuff that didn't make it to the game, beta notes and oddities like that. I haven't seen this discussed much and I thought you might find it interesting =)

Mordin vs. Grunt scene
[The lines in the file are listed out of order and don't include who says what. This is how I assume it's supposed to go]

: Commander! Grunt and Mordin are about to go at it in the science labs. I wouldn't put money on Mordin.
S: Great. On my way.

G: Come on, fight back! You'll think the krogan to death but won't raise a gun to my face?
M: Shooting near bulkhead unwise. Limited to questioning your female parentage in a manner known to insult differentiated species. Factually inaccurate in your case.
G: Was that an insult? Are we fighting yet? Stupid salarian!
S: [Ease off. What's this about?] Everyone calm down. You two had no problem. What is going on?
S: [Stand down and report!] What the hell is going on here? I won't have this on my ship!
M: Grunt taking new Urdnot membership seriously. Demands reparation for my genophage work.
G: It's not history. You're still messing with it. Urdnot will be affected, and they're my clan now. That's enough reason to kill you.
M: Grunt's attack proves necessity of genophage modification. Krogan too dangerous, unreasonable. Suggest removing Grunt for good of mission.
G: Prove your strength and try it!
M: Flagrant attempt to redefine parameters of argument. Illogical. Refuse to engage.

S: [I'm on your side, Grunt.] Don't waste your time on this guy, Grunt. His greatest work has already failed to stop the krogan.
M: Inaccurate! Natural species variance accounted for! Single krogan warrior doesn't invalidate work!
S: Big words that mean his best wasn't good enough. Urdnot beats him by existing.
G: That's true. We survive and are strong. The strongest. If his attack is not noticed, is he even an enemy?
:::Grunt leaves:::
S:Unappreciated, Commander. Either agreed with him or appeared to. Insulting in either case. Leave me. Have work to do.

S: [I'm with Mordin.] Grunt, this is pointless. Even if you kill Mordin, his work has already beaten your people.
M: Personally agree, but Grunt refuses to see reason. Angry about deaths of ancestors from genophage.
G: This is about now. You are still messing with the 'phage. My new clan will suffer because of you. That makes us enemies.
S: Krogan rules, right, Grunt? Mordin already fired the lethal shot. Fighting him now is like running with your head cut off.
G: I don't like the picture you describe, Shepard.
M: Indisputable, however. Your species beaten. Fighting now is pointless. Suggest you leave quietly.
G: Bah. You hide behind words. I'll ignore you and your 'phage.
:::Grunt leaves:::
M: Appreciated, Commander. Grunt incapable of understanding moral shadings of genophage. Hopefully no more trouble.

S: [You can both prove your point.] You two can settle this, but killing each other here just weakens the rest of us for the Collectors.
M: Agreed. Suggestions?
S: So settle it by beating an even tougher enemy. Prove krogan might and salarian guile against the Collectors.
M: Accurate at species level. Not comforting personally.
G: You'll still be planning as I snap their necks. But don't worry; you can show off by counting my kills.
M: Unlikely. Brute force effective in limited capacity. Superior intellect certain to be more useful, however.
:::Grunt leaves:::
M: Rivalry. Excellent motivator, Commander. Well done.

S: [My mission takes precedence!] I need you both at your best. Let go of this ancient crap. Now.
M: Not ancient. My work only a few years old. Effects will last for centuries, however.
G: See, he's proud of it.
S: Mordin, without me, how many Grunts will track you down? And Grunt, I am still your battlemaster. Understood?
G: Many clans wipe themselves out. I hate you, but I won't risk the Normandy.
G: You have earned your command, Shepard. I'll let this go. For now.
:::Grunt leaves:::
M: Apologies. Appreciate you negotiating this. Won't goad the krogan.

Proto Zaeed
The Veteran
Name: Zaeed Massani
Last Seen: Korlus
Skills: Combat, survival, tactics, protection.
Known Quirks: Jaded and tired, still extremely dangerous and capable.
Notes: Zaeed has stopped taking work recently. His reputation as the premier bounty hunter in the galaxy has caught up with him and he is rumored to spend his days drinking and shooting would-be rivals. There is none better in a fight.

Ex-Alliance military and one of the galaxy's most famous bounty hunters. A veteran of decades of waging war for profit, he is determined, skilled, and deadly on the battlefield.

Bored with being the galaxy's top bounty hunter, Zaeed's also exhausted by up-and-comers seeking a rep written in his blood. Now he's learned that the second-best bounty hunter has gone corporate, and job one is to kill Zaeed. Zaeed's plan: wipe them out first... with extreme prejudice.

[TEMP] Veteran Acqusition: In search of Zaeed Massani, Shepard enters a smoky bar in a bad section of Korlus. A thug is demanding protection money from the bartender; Zaeed interjects, and calmly shoots the thug after the resulting alpha dog exchange. Shepard invites Zaeed to join them, and Zaeed is perfectly willing -- if he gets paid 1 million credits up-front. Shepard asks where he's supposed to get that much money, and Zaeed suggests stealing it from the local mafia boss.

After fighting thugs, gang members, and drug addicts, Shepard uses the Mako to chase the mob's payroll vehicle through the crowded, winding streets. The squad breaks into the "union building" and fights its way to the payroll containers, which are guarded by three powerful mercs. Shepard can threaten, bribe, or kill the mafia boss to get to the payroll containers open. His credits acquired, Zaeed joins the squad.

[Journal text]
Zaeed: Headliner
Travel to Korlus in the Imir system and find Zaeed Massani.
You helped Zaeed fake his own death, and he's grateful.
Beta Kasumi

[Journal text]
Kasumi revealed that Nava Corp has designed and is about to unleash tailored bio-viruses against the citizens of the Alliance. Only Nava Corp possesses the vaccines. Kasumi needs you to help stop Nava Corp permanently.
Travel to Illium in the ILLIUM SYSTEM and find Kasumi.
Kasumi: Memento or Mori
You helped Kasumi complete her personal mission of justice, and she's grateful.

Unused Citadel Assignment journal entries
Citadel: Mysterious Stranger
You overheard an asari in the Dark Star discussing a mysterious stranger she met.
If you're interested in helping, talk to Nara Selephais.
Talk to Nara
Nara Selephais in the Dark Star went on a date with a human man. She's been unable
to meet with him again, and hopes you can find him.
Find the Mysterious Stranger
Look around the Citadel for Nara's mystery man. She can give you a few hints.
You've discovered the identity of Nara's mystery man, but he's asked you to let him remain anonymous. Nara is waiting in for news in the Dark Star on Zakera Ward.
Return to Nara
The man Nara Selephais met turned out to be a politician from the Terra Firma Party. You told her his identity.
The man Nara Selephais met turned out to be a politician from the Terra Firma Party. He asked you to not reveal his identity. You honored that request.

Quarian: Reach Safety journal text
Leave the laboratory to reach the safety of the lockdown room.
The quarian scientist reached the lockdown room safely.
The quarian scientist was killed before he could reach the lockdown room.
Run the the safety of the lockdown room, avoiding geth.
Avoid the Geth

Quarian: Repair the Computer journal entries
The laboratory's quantum bluebox computer has been dysfunctional for weeks. It must be repaired.
You've fixed the quantum bluebox computer.
Part Delivery
Deliver the repaired bluebox module to Director Genn'Shais in the lab.

The Trial journal text
The Trial: Admiral Shala'Raan
Admiral Shala'Raan believes Tali's father should be exiled. Discover her motives so you can build Tali's defense.
Speak to Admiral Shala'Raan
Talk to Admiral Shala'Raan and get her reasons for wanting to exile Tali's father.
Shala'Raan's Motive
Shala'Raan believes Tali's father endangered the Fleet by relaxing security protocols to get results fast. You will need to find some evidence on the Alarei that proves this false.
Prepared For the Trial
You have found evidence that can be used to dispute Shala'Raan's belief that security on Alarei was lax. This will prove of use during the trial of Tali's father.

The Trial: Admiral Zaal'Koris
Admiral Zaal'Koris believes that Tali's father should be exiled. Discover his motives so you can build Tali's defense.
The Trial: Admiral Zaal'Koris
Talk to Admiral Zaal'Koris and get his reasons for wanting to exile Tali's father.
Zaal'Koris' Motive
Zaal'Koris believes Tali's father "tortured" the geth. You will need to find some evidence on the Alarei that discredits his position.
Speak to Admiral Zaal'Koris
You have found evidence that can be used to dispute Zaal'Koris' accusations of torture. This will prove of use during the trial of Tali's father.
Prepared For the Trial

The Trial: Admiral Han'Gerrel
Admiral Han'Gerrel believes that the quarians should prepare to attack the geth. Discover his motives so you can convince the quarians to avoid a devastating war.
The Trial: Admiral Han'Gerrel
Talk to Admiral Han'Gerrel and get his reasons for wanting to attack the geth.
Han'Gerrel's Motive
Han'Gerrel believes that the geth were significantly weakened by their defeat at the Citadel. Now is the most opportune time to reclaim the homeworld.
Speak to Admiral Han'Gerrel
You have found evidence that can be used to dispute Han'Gerrel's belief that the geth are weakened and vulnerable. This will prove of use during the Conclave's debate.
Prepared For the Trial

The Trial: Admiral Daro'Xen
Admiral Daro'Xen believes the quarians should prepare to attack the geth. Discover her motives so you can convince the quarians to avoid a devastating war.
The Trial: Admiral Daro'Xen
Talk to Admiral Daro'Xen and get her reasons for wanting to attack the geth.
Daro'Xen's Motive
Daro'Xen believes that the geth can be defeated easily by by infecting them via cyberwarfare "hacking" attacks.
Speak to Admiral Daro'Xen.
You have found evidence that can be used to dispute Daro'Xen's belief that the geth can be easily "hacked." This will prove of use during the Conclave's debate.
Kirrahe e-mail
From an old friend from Virmire
From: Captain Kirrahe
Glad you're alive. Hoped rumors of death were exaggerated. If Virmire couldn't kill you, I doubt much could.
Got word from Mordin that he's active again with you. He requested some classified data to help with countermeasures for stasis field used in the human colony attacks. I worked with him on Special Tasks Group. He's a good agent. Nervy for a tech. Bit of a cloaca, though. I didn't get permission to investigate attacks on your human colonies, but I'm asking around anyway. If I find anything useful, I'll send it your way.
Hold the line,
Samara LotSB dossier entry
Asari Survey Ship Senshelis
1570 CE
Captain's Log, Idyssia reporting. The Senshelis has finally set out. The damned hanar didn't want to let us leave without getting a firm destination. It's as though the concept of exploration can't make its way into their minds.

If I'm reading the Prothean map correctly, the cache it's highlighted is in a system between salarian and batarian territory. I've gotten as close as I can using mass relays. We'll have to use FTL now and burn off static charge as best we can. If there are no problems, we can make it in around 4 years. I've got supplies for 10 years, so even if we run into trouble, we should be okay.

The crew is nervous but eager, a bunch of maidens ready for adventure, or at least a good time. Had to discipline Samara for excessive rowdiness, though. She's young, maybe too young. She might make a better commando than an explorer, frankly. Here's hoping she gains some maturity. We'll all have several years to get to know one another.

Salvage and Rescue Report
Hanar Ship Sholha
1630 CE
Captain's Log, Orolt reporting. This vessel was fortunate to discover the asari ship Senshelis, and provided support and comfort to the survivors. The acting captain, Kimene, reported that they had been traveling using FTL for several years, which caused damage to their vessel and required them to land upon a world with a small pre-spaceflight civilization to effect repairs. After remaining stranded and suffering from attacks by the frightened natives, the surviving crew repaired the Senshelis and lifted off for FTL travel back to known space.

The asari were regrettably frustrated by their years of fruitless exploration, with a maiden named Samara remarking that Captain Idyssia was unwise to travel so far without sufficient equipment. Samara departed, noting her intent to join a mercenary outfit, while other crewmembers accepted hospitality before returning to asari space.

Report Summary
Barla Von, Citadel
I'm afraid we are unable to make any concrete assessment given the limited data at hand. It remains entirely possible that the justicar's ship made contact with Earth while looking for Prothean artifacts. Per your question, the storm that scattered the Spanish Armada was considered extremely powerful for that area, given our climate data, and could conceivably have been generated using fields from the Senshelis' drive core. It is clear that had the storm not scattered the Spanish Armada, the Spanish forces would have regrouped and likely seized power in England within two years.

It remains entirely possible that the justicar had some effect on Earth's political course, but unfortunately, I doubt we'll ever have proof.

Excerpts from Poetic Works
William Shakespeare, Earth
~1600 CE
"Therefore my mistress' eyes are raven black,
Her eyes so suited, and they mourners seem,
At such who, not born fair, no beauty lack,
Sland'ring creation with a false esteem..."

"My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun;
Coral is far more red, than her lips red:
If snow be white, why then her breasts are dun;
If hairs be wires, black wires grow on her head."

"In faith I do not love thee with mine eyes,
For they in thee a thousand errors note;
But 'tis my heart that loves what they despise,
Who, in despite of view, is pleased to dote."


Collect Turbonium

Sparky (Pet)
A loyal, tough mechanical dog who'll be your lasting friend and companion.
Do you wish to purchase Sparky?

"According to your current plot state, you have not completed the prerequisites to enter the ""End of Game"" chapter.
For the purpose of testing, please answer the following questions."
Did Shepard destroy the Reaper Base for great justice or hand it over to nazi scientists?
Was Shepard killed in the line of duty a second time in the same game?
Double Dead.
Just once, thanks.

[Awesome lotsb fund missions]
Batarian Revolt<Some good batarians are planning to attack a bad batarian base and they need some cash to buy the good guns. Medium risk, medium return.
Road Trip<Salarian research team planning deep space exploration. Funds needed for snacks. Low Risk, medium return.
Krogan Arena<Krogan group want to build the ultimate varren fighting pit. Medium risk, low return.
Asari So Sorry<An Asari commando unit wants to take down a group of puppy eating Vorcha. Low risk, low return.
Flip a Table<Get angry a someone. Med Risk, Low Reward.
Rabbit Season<Hunt down Corad Verner. Low Risk, Med Reward.
Saving Puppies<Help save the varren puppies. Low Risk, Low Reward.
Crossing the Street<Help an old woman cross the street. High Risk, High Reward.
Free the Slaves<Free some slaves from a jellybean factory. Med Risk, High Reward.
Heal the Earth<Save Earth from destruction. High Risk, Med Reward.
Tags: fun, grunt, mordin solus, samara, the shadow broker, zaeed massani

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