Aido (aidosaur) wrote in masseffect,

Garrus and Mass Effect 3 Speculations

Nerding/Speculating about Garrus and reoccurring team members from ME2 to ME3. Spoilers for ME2 endgame and Shadow Broker Dossiers.

Apologies if this has already been talked about in length and I'm just late to the party. Also, stupid comic under the cut.

I've come to terms that the ending of ME2 is going to make it difficult to have any reoccurring team members in ME3. That said, given that they survive the endgame, it'd be a shame if they all wouldn't be able to go onto bigger and better things and make huge, badass cameos. I'm mostly concerned about Garrus and Tali because they're my space-bros and I want them to be able to find their way in the universe with or without Shepard.

If it isn't possible to finagle Garrus as a team member, goddamit do I want him to become a Spectre and command his own starship and go Sheparding around the universe. Reading the Shadow Broker dossier on him, ("Leadership potential overshadowed by Shepard. Unlikely to fully develop under Shepard's command.") I realized his character development is ushering him into a leadership role, independent of Shepard. Even in the climax at the Collector Base, he's one of the only three people you can assign to effectively lead the alternate infiltration team (otherwise your assigned tech specialist aaaggh Legion will get killed :| ).

A-anyway, while speculating this stuff, I wound up drawing this nerdy comic that I've realized I can't really post anywhere because it is too nerdy. So, uh, it's for you guys now.

Not in front of the kids crew, Shepard

I don't often post to communities, so tell me if I did something terribly wrong here. :|
Tags: comics, discussion, fan art, femshep/garrus, garrus vakarian
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