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Mass Effect Community

Mass Effect LJ community
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►► Welcome to the Presidium! Allow me to be your guide.
This is a community dedicated to the discussion of the XBOX 360, PS3 & PC series by Bioware called Mass Effect.

Discussion of the games in the series, print books and comics are welcomed. While the games have been out for a while, please be mindful to mark all spoilers. Fan Works, such as fan fic/art/mixes are welcomed as well.

Please refer to our Tag list for navigation.

Mass Effect Andromeda will be available worldwide on the PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One March 23, 2017.

►► Rules

» We are a community that welcomes creative output in regards to the games. This includes fan fiction and fan artwork that may include gen, het (male-female), slash (male-male) and femslash (female-female) works (as well as things that people may consider to be xenophilia). Please give proper classification if any fan works may include elements that some may consider offensive, but do so in a polite and non-aggressive/sarcastic manner.

NOTE: In regards to appropriate content ratings for fan works, we prefer to stick by one, simple rule: "If it's in 'Mass Effect', it's okay." (In layman's terms, anything up to an 'R/M' rating is alright)

ADDENDUM: If you are posting adult fan fiction from a certain meme, please warn for potentially triggering material. Common sense is key, though this link may help if you have any confusion on what would constitute as such.

» While it's normal to disagree about many things and/or debate about them (i.e. gender issues in the series, Male vs. Female Shepards, romantic options and favored characters), personal attacks on other members within the community are strictly forbidden. If, for whatever reason you feel threatened by another member, please contact either one of the mods privately and we will do our best to help resolve the issue.

» Though the games, books and comics have been out for a while, please mark spoilers if necessary.

» Please do not advertise for communities. If you wish to advertise a Mass Effect-specific community or any non-ME related communities (i.e. general BioWare/video games, multifandom role plays), please contact both of the mods.

►► Affiliates

masseffect_recs: Mass Effect Fanfiction Recommendations
dragon_age: Dragon Age: Origins Community
biowarefangirls: A general BioWare community
reach_and_flex: A Garrus and Shepard (female or male) community
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biowarenews: A daily link digest of BioWare news, discussion and fan work
mass_effect_ru: A Russian Mass Effect LJ community.
normandia_sr: A Spanish-speakers Mass Effect LJ community.

If you'd like to affiliate, please contact either popehippo or sinvraal.

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